Cyprus Forum Cities

Cyprus Forum Cities is the unification of the "2040" series organised by Oxygono in a single forum, the largest local government conference in Cyprus. Every year, at the Cyprus Forum Cities several panels will be held, at least one for each region of Cyprus (Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos, Famagusta and rural areas) and other panels which are relevant for all areas. Each panel will be undertaken by at least one institution which will act as a knowledge partner and will comprise of Cypriot and foreign politicians, technocrats, academics and people from the civil society.

The aim of the Cyprus Forum Cities is, through high-level discussions, to provide an opportunity for the formation of a long-term plan for the development of the cities and rural areas of Cyprus. In addition, Cyprus Forum Cities will also try to assist the municipalities and communities themselves to develop new dynamics and technologies for the benefit of the citizens. Finally, it will contribute to strengthening the relations between the local government and the citizens.