Andreas Constantinou

Aglatzia Municipality

Andreas Constantinou

Aglatzia Municipality


Andreas Constantinou was born on the 21st of March in 1982.

His origins are from Angastina and Egkomi – Famagousta.

He graduated from Pancyprian Highschool of Nicosia and did his military service in 70th Engineer Army Battalion.

He is a Certified Account Technician and has worked in Cooperative Bank of Cyprus and Hellenic Bank.

His spouse is Aigli Matsi and together they have three children, Nagia who is now 16 years old, Constantinos who is 14 and Elina who is 7.

In 2016 he was elected as a Municipal Councilor in Aglantzia, collecting the most votes and took over a series of social initiatives such as:

  1. “Save our Food”, a home delivery lunch program to needy families of Aglantzia Municipality.
  2. Contribution to Cypriot Paraplegic Organization of all extrajudicial income of illegal parking in Disabled parking spaces. In time, more Municipalities adopted this specific action as well, following the example of our Municipality.
  3. Employment of people from the therapeutic community of Agia Skepi.
  4. Free food for the stray cats and dogs in Aglantzia Municipality.
  5. The campaign for children use of car seat belt.

Andreas Constantinou was also a member of Aglantzia’s School Board and chairman of the Municipality’s Sports Committee.

In August 2020 he was honored to be elected as the Mayor of Aglantzia.

He is also the chairman of Aglantzia’s Nautical Club and the Community Welfare Board.

In 2021 and while he was Mayor, the program “Pay as You Throw” was out into full effect and in a recent conference he took charge of the proceedings for the program’s application in United Nicosia Municipality.